DarkeStorme the Skirmish pre-order offer

hfb01cover_1ws.jpg15mm.co.uk is now accepting pre-orders for their DarkeStorme fantasy skirmish rules.

From their announcement:
The new version of DarkeStome the Skirmish is now out for pre-order. A joint publication from Alternative Armies and 15mm.co.uk. DarkeStorme is a two scale high fantasy gaming system for use with any 28mm and 15mm fantasy miniatures. As part of the Salute 2010 offers you can pre-order now and save 15% off the release price. Go to the sites for the promo code to use.

HFB01 DarkeStorme the Skirmish
A5 Format 60 Pages Colour Covers ISBN and Barcode £8.00

For full details and contents list plus images of pages from the book go to either of these two links. If its 28mm you are into go to Alternative Armies, if its 15mm then go to 15mm.co.uk.

15mm.co.uk Alternative Armies

For an interview with the creator of the game Gavin Syme please go to Orcs in the Webbe for his regular column ‘Inside the Alternative’.

Here is an overview of the central points of the game system:

Full Mechanics Featuring:
• Easy To Learn D6 Engine
• Full Rules For Character Combat
• Full Magic System – Ten Spell Levels
• Monster System Including ‘Amok’ Rules
• Monster Handler System
• Many Mortal And Undead Races

Expansion Rules For Cavalry, Artillery And Chariots
A Full Points System
Terrain And Weather Generation & Special Terrain Generation
Create Characters From Scratch And Guide Them As Leaders And Warriors Though Linked Adventures
Included Formulas For Creating Any Kind Of Creature, Creating Any Kind Of Monster
Play With Units Made Up Of Ten To Twenty Characters In Games Lasting From Twenty Minutes To An Hour In Length