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Darkest Star Games March 15mm releases

Darkest Star Games has their March releases now available over in their webshop for you 15mm sci-fi gamers to enjoy.


From the release:

This month Darkest Star Games brings a new faction to the Spec-Sec anime-inspired 15mm sci-fi line with the release of the Keparkian External Security Squad. This pack contains three Kepark Special Forces troops and a pair of Commando type Combat Robots, ready to intervene in developing situations on foreign soil. $4usd per pack.

We also present Robear Medisi, a Tinker-for-hire that can build just about anything mechanical or cybernetic someone is willing to pat for. $1 per figure.

Lastly, Medisi's latest creation for the criminally minded: the Jackdaw drive-armor. Designed by Charles Oines, the Jackdaw is a heavily modified Vantage drive-armor with jump-jets installed. Perfect for the aspiring nihilist to cause havoc with... 11 part metal kit, $10usd each.

These new releases can be found on the Spec-Sec product page and more info can be found on our blog.
Thank you for looking, and happy gaming!