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Darkest Night: Second Edition Back Up On Kickstarter

Not every project on Kickstarter is going to be a success the first time out. That's ok. It's not the end of the world. Just rework what you had and chances are good you'll make it the second time around. That's looking to be the case for Victory Point Games and their Darkest Night: Second Edition Kickstarter campaign. They're back up on Kickstarter now and already really close to their funding goal.


For those that might've missed it the first time around, Darkest Nightis a cooperative board game where you and the other players are looking to free the kingdom from the clutches of an evil Necromancer. Search the kingdom for artifacts that will help you in your task. Defeat undead and gain skills as you go. But as your power grows, so does that of the Necromancer. If the hordes of undead storm the monastery, than the land will forever fall to darkness. Mount your counter-attack to take the fight to the Necromancer and save the day.

As I mentioned, the Kickstarter's back up and running. They're already 8/9 of the way to funding with still 29 days left on the clock.