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Dark World Creations releases new 35mm Judge Dredd

Dark World Creations has released a new Judge Dredd mini over on their website.

From the release:

Hi all!
Some of you may have seen our sneak peek of our miniatures at Salute last weekend, For those of you that haven’t we are pleased to announce the release of our first 2000AD character in 35 mm.
Our first release into the market is Judge Dredd in 35mm.
Dredd is a highly detailed resin figure and his actual height 38mm,
Dredd will come with two editions of the Lawgiver, MK1 and Mk2. He will also come with a round 20mm plastic base but the thing we are most proud of is that even in such a small scale his name can still be clearly read on his badge!
We are hugely excited by this new range of miniatures, we are keeping quite a few secrets right now but we will be spilling the beans very soon and we have a lot of beans to spill let me assure you!

Anyway, that is enough of my words, onto the model!