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Dark Sword preview new sculpts and painted miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures have released two new miniatures and have new painted samples available for viewing on their website. From their announcement:
It has been a chilly spring here in MN, but summer (and ReaperCon 2011 and Gen Con 2011) are right around the corner - good times indeed. We have two new GRRM Masterworks sculpts posted up this week. Petyr Baelish and Varys "The Spider" from Mr. Jeff Grace. Tom Meier is right in the middle of another six GRRM Masterworks sculpts as well. Jason and Dave are in the middle of some new Critter sculpts that our critter collectors will enjoy. We also have a ton of new painted miniatures up on the site as our painters get caught up on all the new releases. We have Marike and both Panda minis, Ali and her Pirate Cat, Rhonda and the Fox Bard and Mr. Verzani, with Jojen and Meera along with the Easley Masterworks Monk and Female Paladin. Dark Sword Miniatures is now on Facebook. You can link right over from our Web site homepage. I am using Facebook to post up convention pictures and Dark Sword trip pictures along with new sculpts and new painted pictures.