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Dark Sword Miniatures releases 9 new models

Dark Sword Miniatures ups their February releases by 9 more! (though be warned, not all minis are safe for work, but you'll have to go to their website to see them)

From the copy:

Hi everyone -

I wanted to let everyone know that we have another 9 new sculpts/releases posted up on the Dark Sword site. These have never been seen until now. We have:

4 new GRRM Masterworks Dire Wolves sculpted by Tom Meier
2 new Elmore Masterworks females sculpted by Patrick Keith
3 new Critters (Sad Panda # 3 included) sculpted by Jason Wiebe.

They are all here and ready for shipping out. Plus we have the painted studio models for all the new releases posted up on the Dark Sword site. Anne Foerster and Jess did the honors this time around on our studio models.