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Dark Sword Miniatures new fantasy releases

Dark Sword Miniatures put an octet of new miniatures up on their webpage. You get 7 of them here. The last one's not safe for work. Be warned if you head to their webpage, too. Just sayin'.

From the update:

Just posted up 8 new Dark Sword releases on the site. These have never been seen until now. And each release has an amazing painted studio model to check out as well. The dynamic duo of Marike and Jess did the honors of painting up these studio models.

The following releases are now ready for shipping out around the world.

1. Critters - Chet - Field Squirrel Rogue - sculpted by Dave Summers
2. Critters - Bolo - Marmot Warrior (and Chet's brawn) - sculpted by Dave Summers
3. Critters - Male SteamPunk Guinea Pig - sculpted by Dave Summers
4. Easley Masterworks - Male Bard with Lute - sculpted by Bobby Jackson
5. Easley Masterworks - Male Ranger with Bow - sculpted by Gene VanHorne
6. Elmore Masterworks - Female Fighter with Long Sword - sculpted by Patrick Keith
7. Elmore Masterworks - Amazon Warrior with Long Sword & Shield - sculpted by Patrick Keith
8. GRRM Masterworks - 54mm Jon Snow and Arya Stark diorama - sculpted by Tom Meier

Some really cool/fun stuff above along with great eye candy painted studio models to check out on the Dark Sword site.

So swing on by and check out all the new goodies.

Make it a great week everyone!