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Dark Sword Miniatures Kickstarter Final Days and new stretch goals

Dark Sword Miniatures is headed through more stretch goals as they get to their final couple days on Kickstarter for their Stephanie Law Masterworks campaign.


From the campaign:

Congratulations everyone – another stretch goal has fallen. That makes sixteen stretch goals achieved!

All Early Bird and Core Set Backers will now receive a FREE Pudgy Tree Fairy, the single cat and the pair of playing cats miniatures.

Next up we have another pair of items for your perusal. The first item is our next stretch goal of two more FREE miniatures that unlock at $45,000. They are - a pair of cuddling cats and a Kirin.Jessica Rich brought up the idea of a Kirin familiar type as a new piece so we had Stephanie Law jump on that and design it for this Kickstarter (Stephanie is awesome like that). We then handed over to Mr. Keith for sculpting it up (Because he is awesome like that as well). Since Patrick was sculpting, we had him sculpt up some more cats as well from the Fantastical Visions piece of Stephanie Law artwork that Gael Goumon originally sculpted up years ago. We only did one cat in that original set, but now we have the final two cuddling cats to go along with it. Per my last update, I figured folks would like/appreciate some more cats to work into their projects. Plus we had to balance out all those foxes that were unlocked earlier.