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Dark Sword always pays its debts

Dark Sword Miniatures launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to expand their George R.R. Martin line of minis. It's already well over the goal with 18 days still to go.


From the campaign:

Dark Sword has been producing the critically acclaimed George R.R. Martin Masterworks range of tabletop gaming scale pewter miniatures at a very measured pace over the past 6+ years. About a miniature a month is what it has broken down to. These miniatures are created working closely with George himself from how he envisioned the characters from the books in his mind - they are not from the HBO series. George personally approves every single sculpt as he is an avid miniature collector (his personal collection is beyond epic) and has quite the eye for what he wants in this line. With your backing and support on this project, we would like to increase this pace and come out with a very large expansion of new miniatures in one unified release for the range in early 2014.