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Dark Sword Adds New Miniatures to the Visions in Fantasy and Critter Lines

Dark Sword Miniatures announces new additions to their Visions in Fantasy and Critters lines:

From their announcement:

If you have not been out to the Dark Sword site as of late, we have tons of new amazing painted pictures posted up from the talented painters we work with such as Jen Haley, Marike Reimer, Aaron Lovejoy, Michael Proctor, Rhonda Bender, Alison Scheirman (pronounced Shire-man for those of you at Reaper Artists Con this weekend), Jessica Rich, and Zach Lanier.

And in addition, I just got done posting up six new sculpts today. They are:

1. Male Barbarian with Warhammer for our VIF line.
2. Evil Male Wizard for our VIF line.
3. Female Ranger with Bow for our VIF line.
4. Robin Hood the Fox for our Critter line.
5. Will Scarlet the Red Squirrel for our Critter line.
6. And finally, a tribute to our Frothy UK friends across the pond - The Frothy UK Badger for our Critter line.

Lots of new sculpts coming down the pike and some surprise new sculptors working with Dark Sword on our multi-award winning miniature lines to go along with some of the new painters Dark Sword has brought on board such as Jess, Aaron and Zach. I have had my eye on these sculptors for more than a few years and it was time to start seeing about working in some of these talented folks to sculpt up miniatures in the classic Dark Sword style. More on that in the weeks ahead, but I can say, that I have some new sculpts in hand from three sculptors with another new sculptor also jumping in with his finished sculpt very soon. And they are impressive indeed. Folks at Gen Con Indy might have seen one of the new sculpts there in person as it was dropped off at the show and put in the Dark Sword display cases, but the other two sculpts I have in hand have not been seen by anyone. And more are on the way. So these will be posted in the weeks ahead folks. These are pretty exciting times f
or all parties involved as imaginations can run wild and the opportunities are endless for cool new miniatures.

Tom Meier is sculpting up some pretty interesting things for Dark Sword that we will be running past Mr. GRRM very soon for his approval. I think you will all like what you see....And Dave Summers is rocking and rolling on a big ol' batch of new critters (Frogs and Des Hanley concepts). Jason Wiebe has Sad Panda # 3 and a new traveling companion in the final stages of completion as well. So lots of great stuff rolling from all fronts and once you throw into the mix some talented new sculptors (new to Dark Sword that is) flexing their muscles in the "Dark Sword style in terms of look/feel and proportions", this fall and winter will be alot of fun indeed...

Well, that is about it for now folks - lots of stuff in the pipeline so be sure to check back on the Dark Sword site for all the latest and greatest.

Warm regards from chilly MN - Jim