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Dark Sword add new GRRM Masterworks releases

Dark Sword Miniatures have added seven new figures to their George R. R. Martin Masterworks range. From their announcement:
This is a big week as we have seven new Game of Thrones GRRM Masterworks Releases and a new dragon release - a very large Black Dragon. The seven new GRRM Releases are: 1. Bronn - Sculpted by Tom Meier (he comes with two head options) 2. Benjen Stark of the Nights Watch - Sculpted by Tom Meier 3. Young Robert Baratheon - Sculpted by Tom Meier 4. Maester Luwin -Sculpted by Tom Meier (he comes with three raised hand options) 5. Lysa Arryn - Sculpted by Tom Meier 6. Petyr Baelish - Sculpted by Jeff Grace 7. Varys "The Spider" - Sculpted by Jeff Grace 8. A very large Black Dragon sculpted by Federico Genovese. This is a very large all metal kit. So swing on by the site and check out all the new goodies. They are all here and ready for shipping off straight away. We have tons (and I mean tons) of new sculpts to show off in the weeks ahead leading up to Gen Con Indy. Tom Meier, Jeff Grace, Dave Summers and Jason Wiebe are all in the mix running up to Gen Con folks. Lots of amazing stuff...