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Dark Shadow Design Launches Maze Ship Battles Board Game Kickstarter

One of the more-exciting things you can have in a sci-fi movie is your protagonists stuck on an alien ship and having to find a way out. There's all sorts of danger and a sense of excitement as they try and navigate halls that may not make sense considering the alien intelligence that created them (it makes great sense to them. You're just not thinking Aquillian enough). Well, Dark Shadow Design has created a board game that replicates that feeling. Maze Ship Battles is now up on Kickstarter and looking for funding. Contents In the game, the players are trying to reach the bridge of the alien ship. However, this isn't a cooperative effort. It's every man for themselves and leaving your opposition in the dust to be dealt with by the alien residents of the ship is entirely expected. The board is always changing, so what you think might be the right route one minute might be leading you down a blind hallway the next. So one must be cautious. The campaign is up now and is set to run for another 30 days. Source