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Dark Realm release update

Dark Realm Miniatures have posted a short update on their upcoming releases for Seeds of War and Hostile Stars. Andrayada battleship Cor From their announcement:
Well time has really flown by and it seemed like only yesterday I was having a good time over Christmas and New Year, so where has the time gone? 2011 has been very busy so far and already Salute is upon us. We have been far from quiet behind the scenes and have made great progress designing and sculpting new models for Seeds of War and Hostile Stars.   Seeds of War We have been designing various new models ranging from the Skyth units to new terrain and for those who are coming to Salute, you will be able to see some of the new models on show. If you cannot make it to Salute this year, do not despair. We will provide you with more details and pictures of new models for Seeds of War after the show. Hostile Stars The Andrayada battleship Cor is ready and will be on display at Salute. It is an amazing model and has quite a presence about it. The Cor is the hub of all Andrayada activity in space and is guarded very heavily. Also at Salute we will be exhibiting some work-in-progress models of fighters and transports. We do have more vessels in the pipeline ranging from transports to fighters and bombers. The designs are at various stages and once they have been finalised, I will have more pictures for you.