Dark Realm release and Salute update

Dark Realm Miniatures have sent along news of some of their upcoming releases as well as their plans for Salute 2010.

From their announcement:
Seeds of War
With the models making a lot of progress for Hostile Stars, Seeds of War can once again receive attention with new models like the one above. At Salute we have a number of new units that will be shown and more to come in a follow up newsletter once the casting has been completed.

As we approach summer you will see some progress on various units that have been mentioned in the past including units like the Pax fliers.

Infantry Bases
As you all might know, I had bases made up out of metal which were just too expensive to produce and were in no way justifiable to sell. That situation has changed as you can see above. These new resin bases are much more acceptable and look really good too. They will be available at Salute and on the website shortly afterwards.

Hostile Stars
Back in December we saw the completion and release of the Centurion and Templar ships for the Pax Arcadian forces shown above. This time round things have gone very well and we have the Andrayada Traltor frigate, Velum class cruiser and the Kraytonian Souldagger class battleship. They will soon be available along with rules and details. As a preview, these ships will be on display at Salute and more details will be available after the show.

The Andrayada battleship which will complete the main range is having the final touches done and we will have some pictures of that very soon.

So what's happening after that? Well we do have plans for more ships but details are yet to be finalised. Those of you coming to Salute will be able to speak to Iain who I am sure will be more than interested in any suggestions you might have.

Salute 2010
Dark Realm Miniatures will be at Salute this year running participation games for Seeds of War and Hostile Stars (GM14) for those of you who want to give either game a try, blow things up, or just ask questions. You can locate us at the rear of the hall on the far right, opposite the bring and buy area.

We will be displaying our entire "Studio" collection including unreleased models as well as some of the new models that have been sculpted in the last few months and are to be released after the show.

Dark Realm will also have a separate stand (TM13) directly opposite of the participation games. The army deals that we have on the website as well as our complete range will be available there.

For those of you who would like to reserve items beforehand so you can just pick them up, drop us a line via email letting us know what you would like and we will make sure that it is all ready for you when you drop by on the day.

We hope to have a limited amount of yet unrealsed miniatures available at Salute. Please ask any member of the DRM team for details, either at the gaming table or the stall.