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Dark-Platypus Studio's Tentacles and Eyeballs miniatures up on Kickstarter

Dark Platypus has started their own Kickstarter campaign in order to make new models for their horror line.

From the campaign:

The Tentacles & Eyeballs goal is to take these sculpts of terrifying classic fantasy creatures and bring them right to your doorstep as gaming minis!

The goal of this KickStarter is to raise funds for mold-making and production costs to add this pile of similarly-themed monster sculpts to my product line. These tentacled aberrations come straight from the darkest reaches of the Far Realms, and would be at home eating the PC's off of any D&D, Pathfinder, or Old School roleplaying table! Castings of the models themselves will be the rewards that backers can choose to receive for their assistance in helping me meet this goal.