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Dark Gate Games' Vampire Hunters Busting Stretch Goals

Dark Gate Games has made it over their funding goal by more than double for their Vampire Hunters board game over on Kickstarter. They've made it through several stretch goals already, but could always make it through more. Next up on the block is Dallas and the incredibly huge guns she wields. They've posted some rules playthrough videos you can check out as well.
The campaign's got just under two weeks left.

From the campaign:


Rumor has it that Elder L2 is nearly 7'3" tall.

A massive vampire you don't want to encounter in the darkness when on your own.

Even though he is pretty heavy one should not underestimate his agility and his lust for human blood.

Daniel Stoica has fought with one of them.

He cut him with his sword... and this is what he told me...

The blade of my sword cut its stomach in two... the Elder recoiled and began to shake.

Its stomach was torn apart and then... something horrible emerged out of its whole body..... That beast was ready to fight again, eager to poison me...