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Dark Gate Games launches Vampire Hunters Kickstarter

Dark Gate Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Vampire Hunters, their new board game where you... well... hunt vampires. In the game, 1-4 players must work together to remove the vampire menace from the world. The game takes place on modular tiles which are used to create different boards for each of the 10 missions in the core game. Each Vampire Hunter comes with an awesome array of weapons and a special ability with which to send Nosferatu back to the land of the dead.
The campaign is set to run for another 19 days.

From the campaign:

Vampire Hunters is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players.

Take the role of a hunter against vampires!

Players must work together to complete 10 different missions, with 10 different maps (made using the included modular maps tiles), using many powerful weapons and their special abilities.

Stay together to increase your attack and defense strength, be precise, be strong, but most of all be fast, because the night is coming.

In Vampire Hunters, each player is always active during the game, thanks to the innovative system of artificial intelligence that controls the vampires.

When a hunter fights against an enemy and loses the match, this enemy deals a wound and moves to the next nearest hunter, who will immediately have to fight!

In Vampire Hunters, all the hunters will have to fight even if it's not their turn. "YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN THE GAME!"

Vampire Hunters the board game, uses the "The Attack Line" fighting system. With the attack line system, you'll feel the panic caused by a vampire running toward you, ready to feast on your blood.

The "attack line" adds reality to each combat by combining panic level and aiming-accuracy according to the distance from the vampire.

Are you ready for the fight?

Ok let's go, it's time to kill some vampires!