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Dark Eon Assassin new up on Kickstarter

Dark Eon Assassin is a new board game looking for funding up on Kickstarter. Check it out and hopefully help this new game out.

From the project:

Mongoose Publishing has just launched a kickstarter project for a new board game, Dark Eon Assassin - Tyrant of Acheron.

Dark Eon Assassin is a solo science-fiction board game, where you play a highly trained operative engaged on a deadly mission to defeat the Tyrant of Acheron. During play, you will get equipped with a variety of lethal, high-tech devices and weapons to aid you in your task, then infiltrate the Tyrant's palace, avoid his defences and, hopefully, end his evil schemes. But it will not be easy...

We are using the highest quality components in this boardgame and have prepared an introductory video on the Kickstarter site that we hope will put you in the right mood for Dark Eon Assassin!