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Dark Eldar: Sample Armies (Part 2)

Games Workshop have posted a new article looking at a second series of 40K Dark Eldar sample armies. From their website:
To highlight the tactical spectrum on offer to the Dark Eldar player, this is the second of our Sample Armies features. Take a look at the first article in this series to see some examples of Kabalite-themed army lists. The two armies on the following pages are based around the Wych Cults. These lithe and deadly warriors are often armed with no more than just a knife, for a mere blade is all they need to kill. But it's not just about the Wyches; while they will form a solid and deadly core to your force, the Dark Eldar have a bewildering array of specialist troops you can enlist. In the following armies you'll find skyboarding Hellions, shadow-stalking Mandrakes, Beastmasters and their menageries, and even coruscating domino fields - the tell-tale sign that the Harlequins are present.