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Dark Deeds Gen Con Promo Pre-Orders Coming

One of the cool, new games I got to try out while at Adepticon this year was Dark Deeds, the new card game by Andy Chambers and Mark Gibbons (If you'd forgotten about it, feel free to read the Demo Report I did). At the show they had a special Adepticon promo pack. Well, looks like they'll be doing the same for Gen Con.

That's not to say that it'll be the same Promo Pack, mind you. Nope, this one's got 10 all-new cards (including 1 new Nemesis, 1 new Plot, new Merchant loot, and new Artisan loot) as well as a D20. You'll be able to get the set at Gen Con (of course) as well as being able to order it online during the course of the show.

Pre-orders will begin the 8th of June.