Dark Art Studios releases Renegade Warrior

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 13th, 2012

Dark Art Studios has released their new Renegade Warrior, available in several different variant, and coming on a limited-edition base.

From the release:

Vengeance 005 sees a debut release from sculptor Oliver Townshend with this fantastic hard edged miniature, the muti-piece kit has been designed so the arms and head have a degree of movement to them so you can customise the pose.

There are two variations of the kit, version I comes with a horned helmet, diamond shaped shield & 1 of 2 swords.

version II comes a plumed helmet, rectangler sheild & 1 of 2 swords

Miniature specs

Description: muti-piece kit consisting of 10 parts.

Parts include:
• 1x body piece
• 1x head
• 2x arms
• 1x shield hand
• 1x shield
• 1x sword
• 1x cape
• 1x Rock piece
• 1x 25mm Rocky Base

Mini height: approx 44mm [feet to eyeline].
Material: High quality Resin [grey].
Designer: Oliver Townshend.

Price: 14.99

theres also a Limited Edition base sculpted especially to go with the renegade miniature. priced £1.40

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  • lordofexcess

    Awesome minis!! Honestly though … the prices … meh. I’d love to see these guys produced in plastic at around 2.00 per fig … I’d buy bushels of em at that price … they’d make great chaos warriors for WHFB or with some minor converting they’d make great space marines/chaos marines (potentially if they are tall enough), etc. Generally really cool minis though, hopefully these guys keep at it and figure out a way to get their price points down.

    • Nightbee

      You know it’s 44mm, right?

  • Soulfinger

    I hate this model . . . and yet, I want it.