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Dark-Art Studios releases Ogre Chieftan

Dark-Art Studios now has their Ogre Chieftan piece available on their website. Go have a look.

From the release:

Available now Ogre Chieftain on Throne Promo Kit by Dark Art Studios... Strike fear into the heart of your enemy and be the envy of your friends with this super hot release from the Vengeance range.

I wanted to do an Original Ogre with a Norse type style.. the scale will fit in with the GW Ogre range so he could be used as an alternative character model.. What every level you are as a modeller I think you will find this kit a joy to make and paint. -Byron

Miniature specs:

kit consisting of 4 parts.

Parts include:
• 1 body/throne piece
• 1 sword arm
• 2x horns

Mini height: approx 40mm .

Material: High quality Resin has used by Forge World .

Designer: Byron Townshend.

Modeller notes:
Basic sculpting techniques required to build the model include filing, gluing and filling in joints and any air bubbles acquired during the casting process.

Vengeance promo kit 004 Released by Dark-Art-Studios priced £20