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Dark-Art-Studios re-release Ogre Samurai & Undead Ogre Promo kits, adds new bits

Dark Art Studios has reconfigured and rereleased their Samurai and Undead Ogre models over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Available now exclusively from the Dark Art Studios store..
2013 re-releases of two Dark Art original promo kits. The new kits has be re-worked with new additional parts created for further customization. .

Ogre Samurai
Multi-piece resin kit consisting of 8 parts.
Parts include: • 1 body piece • 2 masks • 1 helmet • 1 of 5 helmet crests • 1 Left sword arm • 1 banner • 1 resin cast rocky base 40x40mm

Undead Ogre
Multi-piece resin kit consisting of 5 parts.
• 1 body piece • 1 right arm • 1 left arm • 1 of 6 heads • 1x 40mm resin cast rocky base
The arm joints have a degree of movement so you will be able to customize there position for your desired pose.