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Dark Art Studios new Cranium Knight

Dark Art Studios releases their new, limited run of Cranium Knights.

From them to you:

This piece is the First release in the Nemesis Range of Sci-Fi themed miniatures and is limited to 250 casts once there gone there will be no more... Strike fear into the heart of your enemy and be the envy of your friends with this super hot release from this Brand new range.

This miniature is a remake of a miniature I made a few years ago called Cranium Warrior some of you maybe lucky enough to own 1 of the original casts as we only released a small number.. with this new sculpt I re-designed him for a more futuristic appearance. -Byron

Miniature specs

Parts include:
• 1 Cranium Knight miniature

• 1 Sculpted base

Mini height: feet to eyeline 35mm. Total height including base 48mm

Base size: 40mm

Material: High quality Resin .

Designer: Byron Townshend.

Modeller notes: Basic sculpting techniques required to build the model include filing, gluing and filling in joints and any air bubbles acquired during the casting process.

Price: 12.50

you can purchase this mini direct from Dark Art Studios by e-mailing: with your order, an invoice will then be sent via paypal.