Dark Art Studio previews Minotaur WIP

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 3rd, 2013

Dark Art Studio shows off a WIP of the Minotaur model they’ve been working on.

From the preview:

Work in Progress pictures of forthcoming minotaur kit shown here with the alternate devil head option. sculpted by Byron Townshend

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  • Needs a bull head…Otherwise, to me, it looks more like a demon of some sort.

    Good model though.

  • Right… So The Lord of Darkness from Ridley Scott’s “Legend” is now a minotaur? Oh it’s the optional head…

    • 4tonmantis

      Is there an option for them to fix the anatomy on the sculpt?

      • Gallahad

        I wondered the same thing. The torso musculature is looking…in need of improvement.

        • Byron.T

          he has a pair of nuts that aren’t in proportion either lol thanks for the feedback 🙂 all good.. B

          • Yeah, I like the detail Byron, but his lower half is too short.

          • Byron.T

            I see what your saying varagon..i think it mite be the angle of the shot.. its giving the appearance that the legs are shorter than they are.. the left one is standing on a rock and the right is positioned slightly back.. the bodies leaning forward.. here’s a better pic.. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=622943177723773&set=a.621949951156429.1073741826.216298188388276&type=3&theater

          • Veritas

            Sorry, but the big torso, tiny legs makes him look like an organic warjack from PP.

          • Gallahad

            I don’t mind the stocky look. If you are looking for some constructive criticism, the abdominals could use some work. Abdominals are thickest in the middle of each “pack” and taper down around the edges. These seem to be a uniform thickness. As this is a WIP, this is probably something you were going to clean up.

            Also, he needs some hips and the surrounding musculature. The torso just disappearing into the belt and looking a bit “tube” like is a pretty common practice/problem, so maybe I am just nit-picking.

          • Soulfinger

            I feel that he is most lacking in the hands department, and frankly, I am surprised that nobody has pointed this out already. I understand and support the recent trend in differently-abled miniatures, which reflects real world diversity (some of my best friends have tiny perfectly cylindrical bone nubs in place of their hands). I’ve even heard that GW is considering introducing its first non-caucasian Space Marine and that Privateer Press has plans for a warjack with a learning disability. I mean, I really like how he is wearing those spiked tourniquets on his wrists, which probably indicates that it was a recent injury and perhaps punishment for theft or watching Korean dramas on Netflix. Maybe he was polishing the tips of his horns and had to look up real fast, accidentally ripping his hands off in the process. I can also appreciate the strong social message in support of the disabled: He can gore enemies with his horns, so even without hands, he is an equally valuable asset on any fantasy battlefield. Still, I think there should at least be some optional prosthesis or something for him to use when tossing back a flagon with his comrades after a battle. I’d be much more likely to buy him if he had two hook hands, or if he’d had to improvise with a couple of medieval pessaries that he found sitting around, and now he goes by the moniker, the Prolapser.

          • You find yourself with a lot of excess time during the day, don’t you, Souly? :p

  • Byron.T

    here’s a better pic.. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=622943177723773&set=a.621949951156429.1073741826.216298188388276&type=3&theater
    alot of monster models of a similar body type have smaller legs than this.. what about the new troll/ogre models from mantic?

    • If you’ve looked on the comments on those models you’d know that those are not considered as well sculpted 🙂