Dark Art 2010 price changes

Dark Art Miniatures have made changes to their pricing.

From their announcement:

Price changes for 7th May 2010

Due to rising overheads and expansion we are forced to review our resin product prices. Our changes are quite small and still offer a very competitive price tag. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Due to new Brutal miniature releases coming out by the end of this week we have decided to restructure our product costs to a more competitive price. As from 7/05/10 we shall be lowering our average miniature price from £8 all the way down to £6.95. That’s right, you heard correctly.

This Is Not A Sale

It’s a new direction on how to promote our Brutal game and share the love. As the creator of Brutal I have decided that this is a step in the right direction for Dark Art Miniatures.

And to play fair, all of our existing customers that have already purchased from our Brutal line will be eligible for store credit.
If you have bought any Brutal miniatures before 7/05/10 from our store then please contact us at: info@darkartminiatures.com
At which point we shall review your previous orders and allocate you with store credit.

Please browse the list to see the coming changes. You will notice that some costs remain the same.

Notice to stockists.
As from the 7th May 2010 we shall raise your discount levels to the following:
22% on our 25, 40 & 60mm bases
20% on our display bases.
20% on our Terrain.
33% on our Brutal miniature line

Reviewed prices for 7th May

32mm scale miniatures
Average Brutal miniature

25mm bases (pack of 10) £2.75p
40mm bases (pack of 5) £2.90
60mm bases (pack of 1) £2.50p
Bike bases (pack of 5)£4.55p
Core base packs (pack of 26) £9.80p*
*You shall save 10% rather than buying items separately.

Display bases
Urban display £4.20p no change
Infested display £4.20p no change
Generic display £4.00p

Tank traps £6.70p no change
Emplacement £8.50p no change
Mines £3.00p no change
Barricades £8.00p no change
Alien pods £5.00p no change

Thanks to all of those who have shown support