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Dark Age posts up October releases

Dark Age has their October releases up. There's a lot of them, so let's get them up.

From the update:

A new month is upon us, and WOW is there some really cool stuff in the near future for Dark Age. New models, old models getting redone, some new... SHHH! Oh, I guess we still have a few secrets around here.

The last 6 months has seen a huge change in Dark Age behind the scenes, which has caused a few ripples in the pond so to speak. One of these ripples has been the ebb and flow of our releases, which - although unavoidable - still got in the way of some of our September releases seeing distribution. So, anything that didn't quite get restocked to make it out to the mass market (after the INSANE convention-only sales at GenCon) in September is either here or headed out soon in October.