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Dark Age posts Tournament Season 2015 + More GenCon Surprises

Dark Age has the rules for their upcoming tourney season posted up as well as some more GenCon pre-releases.

Dark Futures


From the announcement:

Players! Mr. Black here, and I'm very excited to show you some new sights and goodies... Let's keep this organized, so let me hit the GENCON 2015 items first.

So you saw the list of items we're pre-releasing at GenCon 2014 and it's pretty massive... But did you really think that was all I had in store for you?
Absolutely not.

So, saying it here first, here are some additional items that will be available for purchase during the convention:


TALLMAN(2) $19.99
BANSHEE(1) $14.99

Now, something I want to stress to our attendees... All pre-release products are on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE bases. We only have a limited stock of them (50 per unit, on average) so if you want to get them GET THEM QUICK!!!

Note that is also why we're not offering pre-release items for sale online during the convention- we just don't have the stock (this is a pre-release batch while we're waiting for our full order).

Now then, let's move onto something else, shall we?
Presenting it here first: The new and improved MARCH TO IMMORTALITY 2015 TOURNAMENT DOCUMENT

Key Features:
•SIX newly revamped Primary Scenarios
•THIRTY Secondary Objectives
•Revamped focus on Victory Points accrual
•Simplified and Streamlined scoring and tie-breaker system
•Better balance of killing and location-based objectives
•Simplified Secondary Objectives- Much less Book Keeping
•Dynamic Primary Objectives that reward strategic decisions and plays