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Dark Age Posts Earth Caste Stat Cards

The Dragyri are getting a new caste in Dark Age. They're the Earth Caste. You thought the Ice Caste was big on heavy-hitting and some armor. Well, the Earth Caste has that as well, plus several other tricks up their sleeve. The stat cards for the new subfaction have been posted online (I know, because I put them there) for you to check out. They also have a tactics article looking over how to use the new group of minis.

From the website:

Dragyri’s latest caste, the Earth Caste, has been making waves since the first few boxes were released. Now, we’ve updated the Faction Downloads with their full stat card list. But with all the new goodness to look over, you might be wondering how to put it all together on the battlefield. Well, that’s where Aaron Bohm has you covered. He’s written up his thoughts on the best way to put this new force onto the table.