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Dark Age March releases now available

Dark Age now has in-stock all those wonderful March releases we showed you earlier. In case you missed it, here's the models (plus some bonus ice bases) you can buy now!

From the website:

Or is it the other way around? March Madness: Outcast releases are here! At any rate you'll be please to know that the Outcasts are here, and now you can finish that Outcast force you have been impaiently waiting for!

We have the final five models to complete your Outcast collection, The Fixer, The Bully, The Brute (#2), The Pusher, and the Boss (Warchief). Wow that sounds like the cast to a cheesy Hollywood flick doesn't it? So march into you Favorite Local Gaming Store, hopefully with a huge ginormous concrete block and demand your Outcasts now!