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Dark Age looking for a few good meals... err... playtesters

Dark Age Games is looking for new playtest groups for Dark Age. Do you want to be part of the groups that help balance the game and mold where it is headed?


From the announcement:

So, you like Dark Age? Well turn back now, because I'm looking for people who love Dark Age! I know anyone who clicked here is interested, so let's cut to the chase:

I need three to four more teams for playtesting! Teams should be comprised of between four and six players who know their way around Dark Age and are interested in shaping it's future.

What does it entail? Behind the scenes work with yours truly and access to our upcoming releases, working hand in hand with our other groups to tweak and perfect our upcoming releases for the general public.

Sound interesting? Well let me tell you what I need:

First round of screening will require you to send me the following:

1. List of playtesters in your group, their individual wargaming experience, and which of you will be designated Group Leader. Yes, there's always a leader, and they should know their stuff- They should also have Skype access for weekly/bi-weekly chats with myself and the other Team Leaders. Leaders will also be responsible for turning in a weekly report via email about that week's testing criteria.

2. Dedication. These testing cycles will run an average of three months, and will require weekly/bi-weekly games and reports, depending on what we're working on that particular cycle. Failure to complete this will mean removal from the project.