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Dark Age Immortals at CMON Expo 2017

One of the big events that happens at CMON Expo is the Dark Age Immortals tournament. This is the culmination of an entire year's worth of qualifying events, with the winners of those getting a Bloodgelt that lets them participate in the finals. The prize? Being able to work with the design team in order to create your own miniature and have it forever be a part of the Dark Age game world. So the stakes are high, and everyone's wanting to get that ultimate prize.

As I said, to play in the tourney, you need a Bloodgelt token. These things are heavy pieces of metal (befitting the gritty world of Dark Age) and entrants into the tourney must get their token marked in order to get in. This isn't some sort of punch card. No. These pieces are marked with a skull that is literally hammered into the surface.

Thus stamped, the players pair up for the first round. They will go through 3 regular rounds, and then the top 4 will pair off for a semi-finals, and the last two will square off in the finals.

Who says Dark Age can't be played by little girls? That, by the way, is the daughter of one of the other players in the tourney, and she was voted by the rest as the best opponent in the event. Parenting done right!!!

But, as the hours went on and the round went by, things were getting intense. You could just see it in people's faces:

But, finally, it came down to just two: Aaron Bohm with Air Caste and Owen Rerauher with Skarred Blood Cult.

The round was rough, with the dice and minis flying.

In the end, Aaron Bohm was left standing, winning 11 to 10.
David Moffitt came in 3rd place.

As I mentioned before, Allison Ryan won Best Opponent and Best Painted went to Ash Barker.

Congratulations to Aaron and all the other players. We'll see you next year for the Immortals.