Dark Age Games January Releases

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Jan 26th, 2012

Dark Age Games release more Blood Cult miniatures as part of their January releases:

From their website:

Please note some pictures are NSFW:

January sees the release of more Blood Cult miniatures, now Mayhem and Keepsake need no longer feel alone as they flay the skin from their victims. Blostering the Blood Cult ranks we have the sexy yet disturbing Blood Mistresses, the “Urban Legend” Red, and the Blood Reign, a Buzzblade Squad attachment to give your Buzzblades that Blood touch. Enjoy! These fine miniatures are available direct through CMON’s Dark Age shop or ordered through your Favorite Local Gaming Store. For Trade inquiries contact Travis at [email protected]

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  • Repeter

    Hot damn, it’s nice to see these. Red and Blood Reign will look good with the rest of my Skarrd gang. Don’t know about those Mistresses, though. They may grow on me (door open for joke here), but aren’t up to par with the other Blood Cult stuff, imo.

  • Veritas

    These are good, but I am very excited to get some Hailkin for my Dragyri!

  • Repeter

    I’m a sucker and support my whole group with this game, so I’ll look forward to purchasing some Hailkin too–I love things that are both cute and ferocious!