Dark Age Games posts events for Templecon 2012

Dark Age Games announces that they will be attending Templecon 2012:

From their post:

We are excited to attend TempleCon 2012! Dark Age fits this years theme, and we couldnt be more happy to bring the Post-Apocalyptic game to the convention.

Templecon 2012 is held in Warwick Rhode Island, February 3-5 and Dark Age will be on hand to run demos and a Midnight Rumble event, a 500pt Tournament using the E'Xtreme Format.

Pre-registration closes on January 1st, 2012, so check out their website to register for the events.

TempleCon Events Page

Here are the rules for our tournament.

Dark Age Tournament: Rumble In The Dark

Armies march, crusades advance, warriors meet in battle. Screaming fanatics following self-proclaimed Saints face monsters, mutants and madmen but Samaria remains unconquered. Dark Age is a gritty, post-apocalyptic miniatures game. With survival at stake every battle counts! Join us for a late night tournament! We will be using the E’xtreme event format which can be found on Dark-age.com

Event will be at 500 points. Miniatures do not need to be painted, but must be assembled, no proxies. Dark Age Games will provide prize support.