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Dark Age Games Posts a Tactics Article of their February Releases

Dark Age Games posts a tactics article of their February releases.

From the announcement:

There is a chill looming in the air this month, dear readers. Ominous signs and portents loom overhead as your very breath grows sharp and jagged in the freezing mists. The raging blizzard has come, and with it brings creatures of ice and snow, of savage hate and fury. Soon the world will see the full rage of the elements unbound. Soon the world will see the rise of the Hail-Kin.

Greetings, dear readers, Mr. Black here once more to bring you the first look into the mysterious Dragyri, specifically the Soul Warden and his new Hail-Kin minions. Ok, so maybe the Dragyri aren't that mysterious, they are, after all, one of the oldest factions in Dark Age. But despite that they are getting some awesome new units this week, and what better time to show you just how scary malicious creatures made of jagged ice can be (does that really need explaining?).