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Dark Age Games October Model releases

Dark Age Games has posted the models for their October releases and background on new models.

From their website:

Here are more October releases for Dark Age Games!

DAG4003 - Sawblade

In her lunatic dreams of vengeance and conquest, the Brood Mere has envisioned a vast army of her creations. She sees them swarming and crushing the traitorous humans that created the Brood and tried to murder them. When this vast army amasses to march out from the Blackmire, it will likely be led by packs of Sawblades, the shock troops of the Brood army.

Sawblades were one of the earliest successes of the Brood Mere’s breeding experiments, a simple and effective design that has required very little change throughout the centuries. The genetic code of a Sawblade warrior contains a large amount of insect DNA, and this genetic anomaly gives them much of their combat effectiveness. Sawblades are protected by a thick natural armor, much like an exoskeleton. This plating is thick enough to keep most attacks from doing much damage and requiring that an enemy either score a powerful direct attack or luckily penetrate between the armor plates in order to seriously injure the Sawblade. In one hand, Sawblades carry shields crafted of the same genetically enhanced chitin. The shield is used to both protect them and to unbalance foes in an offensive capacity; it is an integral part of their particular style of fighting. In addition, their biological systems are very simple, allowing them to withstand serious wounds before being incapacitated. The weapon of a Sawblade is simple and fearsome. Where one of their hands should be, a viciously serrated sword is implanted. The toothy edge of this sword gives the Sawblades their name.

DAG4002 - Grist

As the Brood have expanded, spreading out into the outer reaches of the Blackmire and beyond, they have discovered new life forms to introduce to the Brood Mere and new information to bring to her. In recent years, some have encountered samples of long-abandoned technology, left during the flight from the planet hundreds of years before. Amongst these artifacts of the previous age are weapons of the long-departed border guards. The swamp alone is protection against most intrusion, but the guards were able to intercept most remaining interlopers in the least hostile routes through the Blackmire. These soldiers carried weapons designed much like grenade launchers, but which used a mutagenic fluid as ammunition instead of a flammable one. The fluid was contained in an unstable electromagnetic field, a loosely bound web of energy that shattered upon impact, splattering the fluid across the target. When the humans fled the Blackmire compound, the guards left their armaments in the outpost buildings where they lived while working on the outskirts of the swamp.

Without chemical processing plants, the Brood have no way to fuel these weapons with any chemical ammunition. The Brood Mere, however, set about creating a new warrior specifically to use these fluid cannons. Grist was created with a mutation to its digestive system. The corrosive properties of its metabolic acids were increased tenfold, and the nervous impulses that created them put under the creature’s conscious control. With a minor surgical implant of the fuel hose into the Grist’s abdomen, the warrior is able to use the salvaged weapon against the Brood’s enemies, raining down corrosive acids upon them from a distance while the rest of the Brood close in for the kill.

DAG4005 - Puds

The Pud is one of the strangest creatures in the Brood, largely because of traits that were completely unintentional in its breeding. This fact alone makes it an anomaly amongst its race. Long ago, when the Brood Mere was not nearly so experienced in her breeding experiments, the Blackmire found itself littered with deceased specimens of her engineering attempts. Not all of the dead biomatter could be reabsorbed, and much of it lay out to rot in the swamp, unable to die because of its tremendous regenerative properties. To alleviate the problem, the Brood Mere decided to spawn a carrion eater. She designed it to be ravenous, possessed of a hyperactive metabolism, and gave it only rudimentary mental and organic structures. The creature she spawned was the Pud.

After forming a half-dozen or so of the tiny scavengers, she promptly forgot about them, turning toward her larger breeding projects. The Puds proved to behave exactly as expected, viciously devouring anything within reach with their giant jaws and razor-sharp teeth. One trait that the Brood Mere had not designed, nor intended, was the ability to breed. Indeed, all other Brood creatures are sterile, but the Puds’ bodies were designed to function at astronomical speeds and their physical makeup was of the most primitive nature. A small amount of amphibian DNA blended into the Pud’s genetic helix and caused the creatures to spontaneously manifest gender. They reproduced at an exponential rate, and before the Brood Mere even noticed what was happening, the Puds’s numbers had grown from a half dozen to a half thousand. It was not until their numbers had grown so large that their combined psychic existence intruded upon the Brood Mere’s reveries, and she realized what had happened.

DAG4004 - Pudthrowers

The Pud Throwers’ battle prowess is almost overlooked at times due to the highly aggressive Puds that always surround them, but it is not to be discounted. The Pud Thrower is a fearless, tough, and competent warrior in its own right, and would present a valuable asset to any combat pack. The thrower that they carry is primitive as a weapon, but they wield it with considerable skill. As is, however, Pud Throwers spend much of their time monitoring and herding their diminutive charges.

In combat, a Pud Thrower brings only three of his small pets to the field; three being the number that allows him the furthest range of competent control over them. His primary strategy is to keep the Puds in a comatose state through psychic control, awakening them only when they are needed. He usually uses his specially crafted thrower, “loading” a dormant Pud into the thrower and hurling it across the battlefield. Psychically, he awakens it in mid-flight, at which point its primitive brain takes over, and it glides down towards the first enemy it sees, using thin membranes to catch the air. In the event that the enemy draws near, the Pud Thrower will awaken one of his sleeping charges and direct it towards the foe, or simply fight on his own, skillfully wielding the thrower as a brutal club.