Dark Age Games Launches New Website

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Nov 21st, 2011

Dark Age Games Launches New Website:

From their announcement:

We are excited to announce our new site design and look. The site not only has a new look but new exciting downloads are avaialble that have not previously been available. The site content has been updated to reflect the new edition of the game as well, enjoy!

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  • JRacel

    The new website and forums look great. Seems that DA is finally getting the love it has always deserved with the great new full color rulebook and forcelist as well as the much nicer website. Seeing how it has taken off locally here in Atlanta, I feel proud of how far the game has come over the years since the early days in 2002 and wish DA Games all the best.

  • Veritas

    I had some old DA models laying around, (a Skarrd toxic cult force,) that I never painted as well as the old rulebooks. I just never really got into the game. Then I saw the new rulebooks come out and I thought they looked neat, but couldn’t really justify buying them because I never used the stuff I had. However, Maelstrom had a sale a little while back and it pushed me over the edge. I have to say I don’t regret the purchase. The books are fantastic. I’m not one for testimonial, but these books deserve it. The rulebook is a little light on fluff for my taste, but the Forcelist book is a thing of beauty. Heck, even if you never have any intention of playing Dark Age, the Forcelist book is still just a really nice book with some good reading in the fluff sections. The books got me off my butt and I’ve actually painted a couple of my DA models!

    But, to steer this back on topic, the new website seems to be catching up to the new level of care being given to the line. I like it.

  • Repeter

    Yeah, a few of us have been giving it a whirl (my second time around) here too. I haven’t heard any negative response to the game, which is rare among my group. The AP system is very unrestricted, but my buddy Junior saud it best: “My dudes can actually DO things!”.

    Over the years, I’ve collected and painted a serious amount of these wonderful minis and it’s nice to finally use them extensively. The whole line is inspired by some really awesome artwork, how could I resist?

    Here’s to hoping the new site is a herald to more great things from Dark Age.