Dark Age Games holding Scavengers of the Wasteland Contest

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 10th, 2013

Dark Age Games is holding a Scavengers of the Wasteland Contest over on their website. Hunt down the objects and win the prize!


From the post:

Mr. Black here, dear readers! And summer is rolling to an end soon, which means the scorching heat will subside into an icy chill. So why not celebrate that transition with a little contest?

We thought about it, and decided to have some fun with you guys. What fun is that, you may ask? Well we here at the CMoN offices have arranged a little Scavenger Hunt for you guys! That’s right, time to play the part of a Wasteland Warrior and find us the items we’re requesting!

One little caviate though… Each items, and every image submitted, needs to contain at least one Dark Age model to be eligible. The winner will be the one who has compiled the most impressive offering of the below requested items (so just getting them isn’t enough, they have to be IMPRESSIVE!).

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  • Soulfinger

    Aside from the generous potential for injury among contestants, this seems like a great idea for a contest.

  • AccessDenied


  • AccessDenied

    Any points for finding the correct spelling?

    • Soulfinger

      Ooh! Do we get points for nitpicking grammar and content!? “Each items” should be singular. “Mr. Black” is both sexist and racist. It should read, “Mr./Mrs. Neutral here, dear readers.” No exclamation point, because you don’t shout at your dear readers (although I guess this Archie Bunker “Mr. Black” character you’ve created may). 🙂 You never start a sentence with a conjunction. Then, there’s “So, why not . . .” likewise, “Well, we here . . .” and then “of the items requested below.”

      Also, the website states that there is no need to enter as Robert has already won.

  • …My name is Robert! Do I win?

    • Soulfinger


  • Robert


    • Soulfinger

      Congratulations to you too!