Dark Age Games Announces Resin Recasts

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Nov 22nd, 2011

Dark Age Games Announces Resin Recasts:

From their announcment:

It is our pleasure to announce the recasting some of our more larger models in resin. It is a very high quality casting made from the masters of the miniatures. We are in the process of replacing the models so it may take some time to rotate through the current stock of some miniatures.

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  • Do they plan to recast all their models in resin and not only the larger ones?
    Most of the time big models are quite easy to assemble while thiner models can imply more assembly skills.
    On the other hand I can understand the move. It might be an improvement for shipping costs to recast heavier pieces in resin.

  • mathieu

    Nice. I want to see the quality of the final product, though. Resin ranges from near-perfect to atrocious…

  • JRacel

    I believe this is only the large models and not the smaller ones based on what is stated in the announcement. I have first hand experience with the DA team and their miniature production quality. I have no doubts the casting will be of a very high standard. Keep in mind they have been using resin for some time for the Ice Elementals and many of their base inserts. I have some of the larger models and would much prefer them in resin to metal, so I see this as a big step forward.

    • mathieu

      Keep in mind they have been using resin for some time for the Ice Elementals and many of their base inserts.

      Good point. However, given the experience of the past few months (GW should have some knowledge of resin casting through FW, yet their first finecast where absolutely terrible; PP had experience with large resin statues, still their BE’s are poorly cast despite very simple sculpts), I feel that there’s a curse surrounding resin and turning “past experience” into a meaningless phrase.

  • Jeremy

    Sounds familiar. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. It will be interesting to see how they fare compared to other companies who have taken the same steps recently.

  • Well, at least there wasn’t any announcement of it being finely cast…

  • Repeter

    To be fair, GW’s initial problems with their resin was cleared up–everything I’ve gotten from the Finecast line has been top-notch.

    I expect the same from Dark Age, which has what I consider many fine quality pieces in their line. I’m psyched to see how this works for them (and can’t wait for my resin Abominations!!).

  • CMON-David

    For what’s its worth, if you click on the link, you will see a youtube video of the resin casting in 1080p, so you can see what the quality looks like.

    • CMON-David

      Also, the move to make selected models in resin is not solely based on cost. It is far easier to prep, pin and assemble heavier pieces in resin than pewter. We assume that not all of our players are master modelers, so this is just a step to make the product more appealing to the everyday gamers.