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Dark Age December releases now available

CoolMiniOrNot posted up their December releases for Dark Age. There's a new group of Core models (of which I think the Churgeon is the most awesome, but that's me) and some Outcast Slavers (nasty group of individuals they are). Go check out the new hotness.


From the release:

December Releases are Here! CORE and SLAVERS Storm the Wastelands!

CORE Banshee: $17.99
CORE Churgeon: $49.99
CORE Infiltrator(2): $14.99
CORE L-CST(2): $14.99
Outcast Slavers, Hood: The Executioner: $19.99
Outcast Slavers, Gang Boss: $12.99
Dragyri Air Caste, Disc Slaves: $14.99