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Dark Age At Templecon 2014

Dark Age Games will be in RI this weekend for Templecon. Stop by and say, "Hello" to Murdis and Mr. Black. Give them both hugs. Tell them I sent you. It'll be great.


From them to you:

We'll be storming Templecon 2014!!

We have near non-stop events running all through Templecon, dear players! Stop in and see myself, Mr. Black, or pick up one of our NEW starterboxes, available here FIRST.
... ...I also have some other nice surprises for those who come by, but I'll be keeping those a secret for now...

We have two types of events running this year:
1. Rumble in the Wasteland
This event is for new players or players wishing to learn newer armies. Basically show up and you'll play a mini-tournament, each round playing a new 300 Pt army. A great way to learn the game or discover new armies!

2. The March to Immortality
500 Points, players, this is one of your first chances to earn your spot at Immortals 2014- and if we hit 24 the winners gets a round-trip plane ticket to Gencon! Participation prizes will be given out as well.

Hope to see you all there, players!!