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Dark Age announces open format for March To Immortality tourney at GenCon

Dark Age Games has made a change to the format a little bit for their March To Immortality tourney at GenCon this year. Now, even if you've not won a qualifier, you can come and play.

From the update:

As you know, we hold qualifiers throughout the year at any local store that wishes to partake: Win, earn your place at the Immortals table, win with at least 24 entries, get a Round-Trip plan ticket to Gencon on us to compete... It's a nice deal.

But, dear players, since this year is all about new beginnings, shaking things up, making changes, I figured one more wouldn't hurt...

And it's with that sentiment that I announce the following:

GenCon Immortals Open 2013

That's right, players, I'm opening the floodgates, just this year, for free competition. What's that mean? it means you show up to Gencon with your 750 point fully painted Dark Age army and you're in- No qualifier needed. I figured let's give everyone a chance this year, as this year is about new beginnings.