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Daring Entertainment running Daring Comics Savage Worlds game book Kickstarter

Daring Entertainment has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for their Daring Comics RPG book for use with the Savage Worlds system.

Daring Comics


From the campaign:

What is the Daring Comics Setting?

Heroes battle villains through the streets and skies. Whole city blocks are covered with debris from stray energy beams and super-tough bodies colliding with buildings. From megalomaniacs who dream of ruling the world, to dictators who wish to shape the future course of humanity, only the heroes stand in their way.

Daring Comics is a four-color comic book setting for the Savage Worlds Role-Playing Game, and fully utilizes the Super Powers Companion, Second Edition from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

This Kickstarter covers both the main setting book, and the first Mega-Events book: Hellbrood. All books are full-color. All PDF products also come with mobi and ePub formats in the same package.