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Damn the Man, Save the Music RPG Up On Kickstarter

Music's a pretty big part of my life. I've got it going basically all the time. I also love a rather eclectic mix. The CD in my car has got such artists as A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Echo and the Bunnymen, Johnny Cash, Dethklok, Soundgarden, and Nim Vind (among many others). In Damn the Man, Save the Music, players take on the role of people trying to save Revolution Records from closing. It's an interesting concept for a game, and one you don't see too often (... I can't really think of anything too equivalent. O,o). The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to Revolution Records. The kind of place that’s been on the verge of closing since opening day.

Damn the Man, Save the Music! is a tabletop roleplaying game about making a last-ditch effort to save something you love. Play a ragtag group of underachievers, overachievers, street philosophers, and lovestruck artists united by one cause: to rescue your record store from the oppressive hand of The Man… and to keep the music playing.

It’s very likely that everything will go wrong, but at Revolution Records, that’s business as usual. Damn the Man is a single-session game inspired by movies like Empire Records and Clerks, and by a love for bygone '90s music. Once you’re set up, the game plays out in the time it takes to watch a movie.

The Kickstarter has already made it over its funding goal, closing in on 2x funded. There's still 28 days left to get in on the action.