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Dagathonan Man-Slayer Sculpting Done

AntiMatter Games is showing off the finished sculpt for their Dagothan Man-Slayer mini for DeepWars/ShadowSea.


From the preview:

We have put up a few photos of the Dagathonan Man-Slayer sculpt now on Facebook. It is on its way to us for casting and will finish up the figures in the ShadowSea Deluxe Starter for Dark Mariners force from out Kickstarter. We have a couple more figures to complete and then all of the Kickstarted models will be done.

This figure will also work in DeepWars since the Dagathonans are all amphibious. We have been working to make sure the new ShadowSea rules are fully compatible with DeepWars so people can use models across both games.