Daemon Hordes released for Ex illis

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Aug 28th, 2011

Bastion have added the Ex illis Daemon Hordes boxed set to their online store.

Daemon Hordes

From their website:

The Daemon Hordes box contains a unit of eight fleaudian and demonic troops (Berserkr or Legionari, you will have to choose upon assembly). This axe bearer unit can either be quick on their feet, or hide behind their shield. While registering this kit you will be able to choose either a unit of Berserkr or a unit of Legionari.

  • blkdymnd

    Wait, I saw this games demise….

  • thetang22

    That’s what I thought too…

    Then again, I just saw new Rackham miniatures released at GenCon, so I guess anything can happen.

  • Toqtamish

    Ex Illis never actually died. Game has still been playable all this time.

    • odinsgrandson

      Really. What led to the news we all seem to have heard? Was there a problem with Bastion?

      I went over to their website, and it looks like they may have been sold to new owners sometime around February or March.

      These new releases seem a little late, honestly. If they’d had this up in time for Gencon, they would have gotten word out better that the game has not died.

      • Toqtamish

        Bastion was forced to restructure after loss of investors capital. Same people are still working on the game and have new/returned investors now. Bastion was not at GenCon this year, hopefully next year.

  • MadNes

    Realistically, the game died in Feb.

    Although the game was always playable, the financial backing from initial investors got pulled.

    From then until now, bastion have

    Found new / recommited investors
    Updated software
    Worked to re-establish distribution agreements

    I’m excited and hopeful that these Demons are the first step on the road to recovery for ex-illis.

  • Ken

    Here’s hoping MadNes. Ex Illis is an innovative product with decent figures and a really cool premise. It needed more time to overcome the “what is this?” reaction from gamers, I think, as it is a bit of an adjustment.