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Dadi&Piombo releases Smooth&Rifled

Dadi&Piombo releases Smooth&Rifled, a game system designed to recreate skirmish games with 28, 20 or 15mm miniatures.

From their website:

Smooth&Rifled, the new ruleset from Dadi&Piombo, has been released.

This very first edition covers the period from approximately 1700 to approximately 1900. The French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the Napoleonic wars, the American Civil War and the wars of the Colonial era are just some of the periods you can play with S&R.

Smooth&Rifled is available in PDF (English language, 26 full colour pages, A5 format). At just 9 Euros (5.50 if you have already purchased SPAM, the simplified version) you become a supporting customer and you will receive for free all future PDF versions of S&R.

With the release of S&R we have uploaded an updated version of the French and Indian War supplement that can be downloaded for free from our blog