Dadi&Piombo issue #41 released

dp41_cov.jpgIssue 41 of Dadi&Piombo Magazine is now available.

From their announcement:
Issue 41 (Spring 2010) of Dadi&Piombo Magazine is out.

This issue covers:
• Culloden 1746
• The Jacobite revolt: Scenarios for Prestonpans, Falkirk and Culloden
• Kluszyn 1610: Scenario for Armati/tactica and Basic Baroque
• Hydaspes: Scenarios for Impetus and Field of Glory
• The end of the Maya world part 2: wargaming the period includes lists for Impetus
• Interview with Richard Clark (Too Fat Lardies)
• Ambush Alley review
• The Fog of War

…and also

• Lists, please, Maestro
• tournament lists for FOW, Song of Drums and Shakos, Operation WW2 and Schutzengruppe
• News for the market,
• International calendar

D&P is a bi-lingual (Italian/English) quarterly available in USA through On Military Matters and in UK through Caliver Books.

You can buy your copy with Paypal (8 Euros Europe / 9 Euros Rest of the World p&p incl.)