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Dadi&Piombo announce Smooth & Rifled rules

Dadi&Piombo have posted details of their next set of historical rules - Smooth & Rifled. Smooth & Rifled From their announcement:
We are proud to announce the next rules that will be published by Dadi & Piombo. It is a skirmish game, and it is called Smooth & Rifled. It will cover the "Age of the Musket," so roughly from the 30YW/ECW to the Colonial Wars. So something completely different from Impetus (but we want to reassure Impetus fans that Baroque, the variant for the '600, is also on the workbench and could be published by end of 2012). Smooth & Rifled could be released by early 2012. Playtesting is going well, and a kind of simplified beta version will be published in the next issue of Dadi & Piombo magazine (#45) - out in around ten days. It will be dedicated to the Italian Wars of Independence, and called SPAM (Siam Pronti Alla Morte, AKA "We are Ready to Die" from the Italian anthem).
For those who are not interested in taking the magazine (postage is high for those living outside Europe), a PDF version of the pages including the rules will be available at €3.50 EUR. As said, these are a kind of basic version and, though dedicated to the Italian Risorgimento, they are OK to play other periods (most of playtests at the moment are from the ACW, the French & Indian War, the Napoleonic Wars, and Boer War). Once the rules will be out, we plan to publish beta lists for other periods - and suggestions on possible lists are more than welcome. The Impetus forum already hosts a section dedicated to Smooth & Rifled, and news and updates on the game are available here: