Dadi&Piombo #43 release

Issue 43Issue 43 of Dadi&Piombo is now available.

From their announcement:
Dadi&Piombo #43 is out.

In this issue:
The Seven Days’ battles
Including a scenario for Fire&Fury (Beaver Dam Creek)

Building the Polish army at Leipzig

The arrival of 15mm plastics
An interview with Will Townshend,
the owner of The Plastic Soldier Company

Two years after the revolution:
The status of 28mm hard plastic

Report: Derby Worlds

The battle of Verona
and the Gothic conquest of Italy
Verona 489 AD: Order of Battle for FoG, Impetus and DBA

Lead Gladiators
The historical accuracy of the figures you can buy in 28mm

Custoza Refought
Bruce Weigle’s battle report

Shako II tournament in Gaeta

…and also
News for the market, International calendar.

Dadi&Piombo is also available in UK through Caliver Books and in the USA through On Military Matters.